• Estate sales
  • house cleaning
  • window washing
  • carpet cleaning
  • painting
  • landscaping

​         ABOUT US

                       NS  Estate Specialists, LLC

We are a family owned business that understands how important family
is. We started this business to offer our customers a cleaning service along with estate sales . Many companies do not have the extra services we provide our customers. We run our business with the same set of values from our family of hard work, reliability, and honesty. We know everyones situation is different and we are understanding of each one.  We have 10 years experience in the cleaning industry, and our customers satisfaction is our number one priority. We started our business to help each individual and to be flexible if the client has any conflicts with scheduling. We are willing to work with you. We consider our customers as the most important part of our business, and have a high standard of customer service.